Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 19-More Review

So our primary is participating in our community's "Hope for Haiti" concert this Saturday. We're singing two songs for it, and one of them needed a bit more work. So to review that song, I used one of Emily's ideas, again, of making a gameboard. I made a large dice and the kids would take turns rolling it and trying to get our little marker closer to "Haiti". All of the spaces had silly things written on them, like "if you know the bishop's last name, sing the first verse". There were also spaces that sent the kids backwards. Since the concert on Saturday will be to earn money for Haiti, I used Cole's fake money in the game. If they landed on a space that asks them to sing one verse, they get $5 (which is placed in the money envelope) for two verses they get $10, and for all 3 verses, they earned $20. Of course they only get the money if they sing nice and loud. At the end, the Junior primary was really excited to hear that they had earned $110 dollars.

Week 18-Magic Singing Spray and Potato Head

(This isn't my picture. I stole it from the blog I got the idea from because I forgot to take a picture of the spray bottle I used.)
To continue practicing some of our songs, I found this idea and thought it was so easy and simple, yet so fun--Magic Singing Spray. All you do is fill a spray bottle with lemonaide, or whatever juice you like, and label it "magic singing spray". Underneath that, I wrote, "Great singing is just a spray away".

I also included on the label:
Directions for use: Spray two squirts directly into mouth and swallow for best results.
Side effects may include but are not limited to: dizziness, fatigue, headache, itchiness, nausea/vomiting.

The idea is that the singing spray makes them sing better. Many of the kids wanted several doses.

My sister found this idea of playing hot potato. I used a regular potato, and then stuck potato head eyes, a nose, and mouth in it. It looked pretty silly. You start singing a song and the kids begin passing the potato around. The piantist stops the music, and whoever is holding the potato has to say what word or line comes next in the song.

Week 17-The Fourth Article of Faith

I was asked to teach the kids the 4th article of faith for this week. I found this idea from a primary blog. I wrapped up a shoe box and put some candy inside. Then I tied multiple ribbons around the box. Attatched to each ribbon was a gift tag with a line from the song on it. Once the kids learned the first line of the song, I called on someone to come up and cut off that ribbon. Once all the lines were learned and all the ribbons removed, the kids got to have the prize inside.

Week 16-Mother's Day Review

I'm really behind on this blog as evidenced by my writing about our Mother's day review in June.
Anyway, I used my sister Emily's idea of making a big poster mommy and having the kids take turns giving her accessories (mother's day gifts).
I found all of the accessories at and just printed them off and laminated them. Then on the back of each I wrote the name of a song we've been working on, plus a couple mother's day songs that we hadn't learned yet, but are short and easy to teach.

Then I put each "gift" in a different gift bag. Each kid would then choose a gift bag, pull the gift out, see what song was on the back, and then tape it to the mom poster (I told the kids our poster mom was named "Page"). Then of course, we would sing that song.

If I were to do this again, I would make the mom look a little more...hmmm...not so manequin looking. She looks a little spooky to me, eventhough I do like her outfit.