Monday, March 15, 2010

Love craft sticks

More nursery stuff. Here's a boy and girl praying. The kids hold these while we sing, "I am a child of God" or any other reverent song.

Some monkeys the kids can swing around for, "5 little monkeys swinging in a tree".

Week 8-Olympics

The actual winter olympics were finishing up this week so someone on had the idea of doing a singing time winter olympics. I loved this idea especially since we needed something fun to help us review our songs plus some others. All the images were already made and available at

I chose volunteers to come up to the board and pick a sport.

Speed skating: we sang "Do as I'm Doing" super fast
Ski jumping: we sang "He Sent His Son" and jumped (or skipped) over the word "sent".
Figure Skating: Everyone had to hold a figure skating pose while singing
Freestyle skiing: the volunteer could pick any song, sung any way
Snowboarding:"chalkboarding": We sang, "My Heavenly Father Love's Me" and two kids were told to draw pictures on the chalkboard of things in the song while we sang.
Bobsled: 4 kids lined up like a bobsled team and together had to walk to the end of the hall outside the primary room. The rest of us had to see if we could sing "I Know that My Savior Love's Me" loud enough for them to hear us at the end of the hall.
Biathlon: The biathlon involves shooting, so I brought Cole's nerf gun. The volunteer had to shoot the nerf gun at the floor where there were the names of four different songs on four papers. Whichever song the dart landed closest to was the one we sang.
Curling: I printed off a curling "house" which is the goal or target of curling and layed it on the floor at the front of the room. Using a stick (from Luke's pinata) and a ball, the volunteer had to start at the back of the room and sweep the ball to the "house" before we finish singing.

We also kept a medal count to see how many events we could do in our 20 mins. At the end, all the kids picked out a gold, silver, or bronze treat (reese's peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, and reese's peanut butter cup dark chocolate.)