Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 24-The Holy Ghost and Walkie Talkie Review

This week we learned the second verse of The Holy Ghost. The second verse begins with "And when we are confirmed by sacred priesthood power, the Holy Ghost is given to us to guide us every hour". So to introduce this topic of being confirmed I read to the kids a journal entry that I wrote at age 8 after I was baptized and confirmed.

Then we sang through the words all together using a flip chart, and adding to our "comforter".

The second part of the verse goes, "Oh may I always listen to that still small voice, and with its light I'll do what's right each time I make a choice." For this I put on these huge ears, that I laminated and glued to a headband. I told them that my hope for myself and for all of them was that we could always have big, huge, listening ears like these, that can always hear and listen to the small voice of the Holy Ghost. And then I sang ever so dramatically, "Oh may I always listen to that still, small voice...". Then we all sang together and added the rest of the patches to our comforter.

Then we did a sort of surprise review activity. I had my husband go outside the building with a walkie talkie while we were working on our Holy Ghost song. Once we had finished all our Holy Ghost singing, I used my walkie talkie to give him his cue. I was making like I was putting my props away behind the piano, so that I could secretly be talking into my walkie talkie as I said, "Well, I guess we're done a little early, gee, I don't really have anything else planned..." (this was hubby's cue)

My husband then said through his walkie talkie (the volume was turned up enough on my walkie so all the kids could hear this): Come in singing lady, come in singing lady
The kids were so confused, wondering where that voice was coming from. I pretended to be confused to and followed the sound to behind the piano and pulled out the walkie and said to the kids, "What? The voice is coming from this? Where did this come from?"
I then said into my walkie, "Hello? Who is this?"
Husband: This is blue eagle and I have an emergency
Me: An emergency, well what kind of emergency?
Husband: I'm having a music emergency. At this very moment there is a dangerously low level of music in my heart. My heart is week, my pulse is thready, the birds aren't singing, and my fingers aren't snapping. I've lost all the bounce in my step. I can't whistle anymore, and worst of all, "I'm a little teapot" is stuck in my head. I need to hear a song right away.
Me: Uh, Roger, what can we do to help?
Husband: You're the singing lady. You and your kids need to sing me a song.
Me: Well, we know lots of songs...
Husband: No, it needs to be a song about the Savior
Me: we know lots of songs about the Savior
Husband: I need to hear one about the Savior and how he was sent to earth, and how he died for us and then rose again, and how the scriptures tell us to live like Him.
Me to the kids: Anyone know what song we could sing to him? (I helped them come up with "He Sent His Son"
Me to the walkie: Ok, we're gonna sing,He Sent His Son. I'm gonna set my walkie on the podium, and you just listen.
Then the kids and I sang the song.
Me: Did that help?
Husband: That helped a little, but I'm gonna need more songs...
He then described another song for us to sing, and we continued like this until we were out of time.
At the end of the last song we had time for, I said into the walkie, "Gee, I sure hope that helped, the kids and I are out of time" This way my husband knew to end with, "I think I'm cured! Yes, it's a miracle! My snapping's back, my hummings back. Blue eagle is out!"
The kids really liked this activity and it's easy to make it last as long or as short as you want.