Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review Activity-Back 2 School

For the last Sunday before school started I borrowed my sister's back to school singing time idea. Her idea was to bring a backpack full of school supplies. Each one would represent a song and a way to sing it. The ways to sing it would be actual musical terms. I like this idea because it allows for actually teaching about music.
These were the things she brought:(for each item we sang a song from the program)
scissors: these are to represent singing staccato (the notes are short, like they've been cut with scissors-so sing one of the program songs staccato)
glue: represents legato (the notes stick together nice and smooth like they've been glued
glasses: they represent a fermatta (because you have to watch the chorister with your eyes very closely to see how long to hold out the note--the kids loved singing the song with lots of added fermattas)
new school shoes:to represent allegro and andante (sing the song fast or slow)
a framed picture of mom and child: my son really takes a picture of me and him to school each day. This is to represent acupella. Just like the kids can't take their moms/families with them to school--they have to go on their own, we are going to sing on our own without the piano.

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