Friday, February 25, 2011

Review activity-The Singing Bee (with a spin)

I saw two ideas online that I wanted to fuse together. The first idea was for picking a song to sing using a human spinner. You just use a spinny chair, tape the names of songs all around it, have someone sit in it with their legs out and toes pointed forward, and then give them a good spin. Whichever song their feet are pointing to when the chair stops is the song you sing.

So that was how we picked out which song to do for "The Singing Bee". For this game, whichever kid was the contestant came up to the front of the room and was given a hand held microphone (kids love to hold a microphone). The pianist would then start to play the song that was picked by our human spinner with everyone singing along. Then the pianist would stop playing somewhere in the middle of the song, and the contestant has to sing the next line of the song by themselves. This activity takes hardly any preparation and the kids loved singing little solos in front of everyone.